The Unite project is another way of traveling: a virtual tour in real time with an official guide, who connects via ZOOM with the classroom and will take you to explore paths and academic content on your curriculum. Themed and participatory visits, in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona or Girona among others. The easiest way to know a destination, without moving


The UNITE project is the result of the union of three entrepreneurs, with extensive experience in the tourism and educational sector, to offer a new, interactive and enjoyable service for students. Together, we have joined forces with new routes and so that the visits fit into the academic program.


Our thematic tours have been designed in accordance with current educational guidelines and we offer activities and didactic material to prepare for the visit and to evaluate it afterwards. All with the aim of enjoying it to the fullest, as if the group were there.


Travelling is one of the most exciting ways to learn. Creative tourism helps the growth and knowledge of other cultures and the development of values.
At goES Travel we design personalized routes based on various themes (art, languages, architecture, tourism, history, etc.). We combine the study with cultural and recreational visits, to complete your experience


We offer advice on the design of the trip and we accompany you in discovering incredible corners throughout Spain with organized visits. We adapt to your educational needs and look for those visits that best fit your academic program


The activities seek to maximize the progress of students in their area of study: tourism, hospitality and catering, business, design and technology, Spanish language, geography, fashion, engineering or public services. We locate the most appropriate companies, schools and learning environments and the best professionals (guides, instructors, monitors, teachers, etc.). We chose the accommodation to adapt to the particular needs of each group, and we arrange the transport, reservation of tickets and official guides. A tour manager accompanies you during your stay to make the most of the whole experience.


Spain is the favorite destination of hundreds of music groups every year. At goES travel we plan itineraries specifically for each group, because each one is different and requires different solutions. We look for the concerts according to the needs of each one and we combine music and tourism as an essential part of the trip. Everything is designed to make it an unforgettable experience.


Choirs, orchestras, bands, jazz groups and other musical formations; everyone is welcome at goES travel. Bands and orchestras enjoy the surroundings of gardens, parks and squares; open spaces with a loyal audience that will meet your expectations. Choirs and orchestras, on the other hand, will be able to perform in the most emblematic cathedrals, crypts, monasteries, theaters, palaces and auditoriums.


We collaborate with festivals throughout Spain to include our formations in their programming. The biggest advantage is that they have an already trained structure and audience, with a very elaborate local promotion strategy. Some of the cycles and festivals with which we have collaborated are: the Segovia festival, the music cycle at the University of Barcelona, the Jardín de los Naranjos festival, the Música als Parcs de Barcelona cycle or the summer festival in Sant Pere Pescador, among others.


This is the fundamental part of any musical tour. We give everything to make your concert a success: a unique database with more than 500 individuals, institutions, entities and official bodies. Hand programs for each concert and also posters and flyers that will make the name of your formation known wherever you go. Specific press releases for each group in local, regional and state media, as well as digital press. Monitoring of each concert with audience statistics, which enhance our dissemination and promotion strategy for each concert.


Sport is a phenomenon that identifies the Spain brand. We are an international benchmark as a destination thanks to: a favorable climate throughout the year; first class facilities; a high number of renowned sports professionals; and the constant growth of sports practice. The Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992 promoted and popularized the practice of sport in our country, a practice that has not stopped growing since then.
Traveling to compete involves growing as an athlete and as a person. A sports tour is much more than practicing your favorite sport: it involves learning to compete, getting to know other cultures and other modes of training, and consolidating the values of effort and teamwork.


We adapt to all types of teams and levels: school competitions, federated and professional athletes.

We accomodate and advise each program according to the needs of each team and we use the best sports facilities in the country, looking for the friendly matches that best suit the level of the visiting team. Our relationship with local clubs is very close and in many cases, collaboration translates into support for local clubs in the form of sponsorship.

We organize training sessions with the best professionals, athletes, coaches and academies recognized worldwide, who transmit their knowledge to the participants.

We offer specific visits to high-performance sports centers for students specialized in the world of sports, where they will see how it works.


We collaborate with the most prestigious international football, field hockey, futsal, basketball and rugby clubs and tournaments. Your team will always travel accompanied by a tour manager, so that the experience is even more comfortable, safe and complete.
We are the organizers of the international football tournament Lloret Soccer Cup to be held from 26-28 November 2021 in Lloret de Mar. Ask us for information to participate and travel with your team again!


Active tourism has as its main motivation the realization of recreational and disconnection activities, the interpretation and knowledge of nature, heritage and the practice of sports activities of different physical intensity and risk that expressly use resources in a specific way, without degrading them or deleting them.


We propose different adventure experiences where you, the environment and nature are the protagonists. Trips of different duration that include hiking, cycling, walks and excursions with wine tasting and local gastronomy, nautical sports and ‘via ferratas’ among others, all accompanied by local guides who will accompany you and help you enjoy an unforgettable trip.

Travel safe with guarantees

Our trips are developed by collaborating companies specialized in the provision of tourist services, guides who know the territory and trained to accompany active tourism trips, complying with all the necessary regulations and guarantees.
We are travel agency members of ACAVE (association of specialized travel agencies), we have the Safe Travels seal prepared by the members of the World Travel & Tourism Council, which recognizes the total and correct application of established hygiene and sanitation measures. in the protocols, in addition to the Biosphere Responsible Tourisme certification guaranteeing that the traveller can enjoy a sustainable experience, contribute to the conservation of their natural and cultural heritage and also to the improvement of the local economy, reducing the impact on the environment.

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