Spanish DMC, specialized in the organization of educational/cultural trips, sports tours and concert tours for youth and adults, created in 2005.

Travel Agency License: GC 1264


Travelling is one of the most enjoyable ways to learn. Creative tourism encourages personal growth, learning and cultural awareness as well as broadening the horizons of students. At goES Travel we design personalized routes, based on a diverse range of themes such as architecture, languages, leisure etc. We’ll help you to discover every corner with organized
tours throughout the country.


At the moment the possibility to travel is limited to the classrooms. We have designed the PROJECT UNITE, a real time virtual tour with an official guide for all kinds of students. Education is the basis to show the world as a possibility of learning and goES Travel has adjusted to travel virtually without leaving the school.


Combining essential learning opportunities, we offer fun, cultural and recreational visits, as an added attraction and to increase enthusiasm for learning. With a wealth of experience, we offer advice on the design of each trip and once arriving in your chosen destination, we have a team available 24 hours – 365 days, to support and assist you, and resolve any unforeseen issues. We are always by your side.


The activities offered are aimed at maximizing the potential of students in their chosen subject: tourism, hospitality and catering, business, design and technology, Spanish language, geography, fashion, engineering, hairdressing and public services. We find the most appropriate service providers, schools and learning environments, as well as the best professionals (guides, instructors, monitors, teachers etc …). We source the most suitable accommodation to meet the specific needs of each group and we take care of transport, ticket reservation and guided tours.



Spain is recognized as a major Sporting nation /The Spanish brand is synonymous with Sport. We are an international benchmark in the field of Sports Tourism destinations. An agreeable climate throughout the year, first class facilities, a large number of world class sports professionals who are champions in their respective disciplines and the evolution and constant growth of sports are the factors that make Spain an unrivalled destination for the practice of the vast majority of sports. The Barcelona Olympic Games, in 1992, promoted and popularized participation in sporting activities in our country, a practice that has not stopped growing since then.


A sports tour is much more than a trip to practice your favourite sport: it means learning to compete, learning about other cultures and other training methods, and consolidating the twin values of effort and teamwork. The combination of participating in sporting activities alongside taking part in cultural and recreational activities broadens the horizon of each participant and ensures that each tour is unique. We offer advice on the planning of each trip and once at your destination, we have a team available 24 hours – 365 days, to support, assist and resolve any unforeseen issues. We are always by your side.


At GOES TRAVEL we adapt to all types of teams, at all levels. We have identified three types of groups: school/high school athletes (school competitions), club athletes (federation competitions) and semi-professional athletes. We adapt and adjust each programme according to the needs of each team, utilising the best sports facilities in the country and scheduling friendly games that best match the level of the visiting team. We organize training sessions with the best professionals in the country, world renowned athletes, coaches and academies, who demonstrate and share their knowledge with the participants. We also offer visits to high performance sports facilities for students specialising in the world of sports, where their performance can be assessed and analyzed.


footballhockey grassbasketballRUGBY
SummerSEVEN CUP (CD Terrassa – adultos) – Junio
Holy WeekTEEH (CD Terrassa – escuelas) – Julio



Spain is the favourite destination for hundreds of groups of musicians each year, to enjoy musical moments but also to have the opportunity to perform their repertoire for a completely new audience. At goES Travel we plan each itinerary for every individual group and plan concerts taking into account the specific needs of each group, complementing the tour with cultural and tourist activities. Choirs, orchestras bands and jazz groups as well as other musical groups; all are welcome at goES Travel and we dedicate the best of our time to all.


Each group is different and requires specific solutions. The majority of groups combine their musical performances with tourism in equal parts during their trip. Concerts are combined with visits and activities to allow you to get to know our culture, gastronomy, and traditions, creating an unforgettable experience. We offer advice on the design of each trip and once at the destination, we have a team available 24 hours – 365 days, to support, assist and resolve any unforeseen issues. We are always by your side.


Bands and orchestras will have the pleasure of performing in gardens, parks and plazas; splendid open spaces with loyal audiences that will more than fulfil the expectations of our music ensembles. Choirs and orchestras, on the other hand, will be wide-eyed when they sing and play in the most iconic cathedrals, crypts, monasteries, theatres, palaces and auditoriums.


We have collaborative agreements with organizations and festivals throughout Spain, to include our ensembles/musicians in their programming. The biggest advantage of this is that they already have a structure in place and concertgoers ready and waiting, with an impressive local marketing strategy to ensure maximum exposure. You can find us at the Segovia Festival, the University of Barcelona Music Cycle, the Garden of the Orange Trees Festival, the Music in the Parks season in Barcelona, the Sant Pere Pescador Summer Festival and many others.


The organisation and promotion of concerts is a fundamental part of any music tour, for that reason the music team is directed by Jordi Abelló. Jordi is a musician with experience in cultural management, programming, production as well as the planning of music tours. We have everything to ensure that your concert is a success: A database with more than 500 individuals, institutions, entities and official bodies; programmes for each concert and also posters and leaflets to promote the name of your ensemble, wherever you go. Individual press releases for each group in local, regional and state media, as well as digital press. Each concert is followed-up with attendance statistics, which augments our promotion and marketing strategy for each concert.





CEO and head of the sports area.

Director and founder of goES Travel, has dedicated her working life to this sector. In 2005 she founded goEs Travel with the aim of devising personalised creative tours for musical, sport and educational groups, who wanted to get to know Spain as participants rather than just as spectators. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to qualify as a PDG, complemented with a Masters in Marketing and eTourism.
The true advantage of goES Travel is in its team of experts, made up of professionals specialised in their sector and with extensive experience.



Head of educational groups

Has been part of the goES Travel team since 2015 and manages reservations for the Education Department.
Silvia, born in Barcelona, graduated from the Barcelona School of Tourism ETB as a business and tourism technician. She brings 12 years of experience in the travel agency sector, advising clients and preparing customised trips.



Head of the music area

Born in Barcelona, joined goES travel in 2013 as head of the Music Department. He is responsible for the organisation and management of all music groups that travel to Spain and Portugal. He graduated from the faculty of philosophy, University of Barcelona and studied music at the professional conservatory.
He has extensive experience in music management, with a personal passion for the music world, which in turn is enriched by his career singing with professional early music ensembles/groups.



Administrative manager

Joined the goES Travel team in 2017, with the dual role of assisting Education reservations as well as administrative manager. She brings a clear and organised vision to the management of finance and accounting as well as playing a key role in the hiring of suppliers.


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