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Music does not have frontiers. We understand this very well at goES Travel because we specialize in musical training trips for bands, orchestras and choirs from all over the world, right here in our country.
Scheduling a concert, choosing the best venue, contacting the local public authorities to offer a programme of performances, and publicizing the event are our main tasks to get the success of any trip.

Music Festivals

We offer the possibility of taking part in music festivals.

These can be competitive or non-competitive festivals, where one can perform in public and interact with other musicians and groups.

Joint Concerts with Spanish music groups

We source local groups who share the same musical tastes and establish links. Then we organize joint musical collaborations that enrich both parties.

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What we offer:

Organization of tailor-made concerts, joint concerts and music festival participation.

Concert promotion (local press, television, radio and specialist music websites).

Concert publicity (design, production and distribution of posters. Production of hand programmes).

Master classes and workshops run by Spanish conductors.

Renting instruments if necessary.

Rep/assistance at each concert.

Booking service for group accommodation and transport (including transport for instruments).

Booking service for tourist, educational and cultural visits.

24 hour telephone contact during the group’s stay.

Assistance on arrival (airport & hotel check in).

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